Beautiful in a strange way, Plastic trash is woven and then regurgitated by Wind and Waves. It is caught by the  low branches and trunks of mangrove trees and shore vegetation during high tides and wind.
The images were made with trash found  washed up on  Gulf of Mexico beaches in the Yucatan. Very little organic/natural material is included. A few twigs, blades of sea grass and pieces of  the ground shell beach. The organic materials decompose and re-enter the food web. The plastic and synthetic fibers only deteriorate  and become smaller and smaller particles. Where they go and what they do is scary.
The colors are fairly close to the real colors of the materials
Except for plastic trash, the beaches  these came from are quite pristine with crystal clear water. The plastic trash in this series is mainly from commercial fishermen. Tools of their trade. Every beach regurgitates it's own special mix.    
As the deterioration proceeds the materials  begin to take on a more natural appearance almost as if they are trying to imitate nature  
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